3D Mascara Makes National News

Younique mascara has made national headlines with a review by ABC Action News.  Watch our ABC news casters try Younique and report on the results.

When you first heard about our mascara and how it increases your eye lashes over 300% in a natural way, it was very unbelievable.  It’s something we women have always wanted but never thought it could happen.  Our options have always been 1) fake eye lashes or 2) prescription medication.

You have seen the Younique mascara pictures all over the internet.  Pictures are great, but then you would expect to see Younique mascara work on pictures.  We wanted to bring you something more.  We want to show you that our product has been reviewed by professionals that are not affiliated with Younique.

We found this review of Younique mascara conducted by ABC News.  ABC News is a national media outlet in the United States.  They are a well respected source and provide a very fair and balanced view of our mascara.  You will notice that they do provide both positive and negative criticism.  We hope that our benefits are worth giving us a try.

You can visit ABC Action News review directly here.


You can visit the Doctors TV Show directly here.

Did you like what you saw about Younique Mascara and want to learn more? Younique mascara has been around over 2 years.  It was invented because of our need for an alternative to the mascara that was around.  We have been changing lives and making women like you more confident using our mascara.  We are glad you are hearing this amazing product and we can’t wait to increase your beauty.  Like most products, you need to try our mascara to really appreciate its benefits.

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