March Customer Kudos

Have you had your March Customer Kudos?

March Customer Kudos 2015

This Month Only

Younique offers you a very special kudos every month. It’s something unique about Younique. You will love what the kudos are this March. We’re giving you a little something extra.  When you purchase with Younique this month, you will get Y-Cash for a future purchase.


What are the details?

* Offer available March 1-31, 2015 only.  Beginning at 12:01 a.m. PT on Sunday, March 1, 2015 through 11:59 p.m. PT Tuesday, March 31, 2015: •

• When you spend $75 USD you will receive $10 Y-Cash.
• When you spend $90 CAD you will receive $12 Y-Cash.
• When you spend $100 AUD you will receive $13 Y-Cash.
• When you spend $105 NZD you will receive $14 Y-Cash.
• When you spend £60 GBP you will receive £8 Y-Cash.

Can the Younique Cash earned during my Party be applied to an order included in that Party?

No, the Younique Cash (Y-Cash) earned during your Party can only be used on a future order.

Can my order include the use of Y-Cash and/or half-price items and still receive the Y-Cash from March Kudos?

As long as the subtotal of your order—before shipping and tax are added and after any Y-Cash, half-price items have been applied—is equal to, or greater than, the required subtotal for your market (as outlined below), then, yes, your order will qualify for the Y-Cash earned from this Kudos.

What are the Subtotals by Market

• $75 USD – United States
• $90 CAD – Canada
• $100 AUD – Australia
• $105 NZD – New Zealand
• £60 GBP – United Kingdom

Which markets are eligible to participate in March Customer Kudos?

All current markets are eligible to participate.

Does my Y-Cash expire?

Yes, Y-Cash expires one year after the date of your purchase.

Are there any limitations on how I use my Y-Cash?

Y-Cash cannot be used to pay for tax and/or shipping.

How will I receive my Y-Cash?

In order to receive your Y-Cash, you must login into using your Facebook account before you place your order. Once your order is placed, your Y-Cash will automatically go into your account, and it will be ready to be used on a future order.

Where can I see my Y-Cash?

Your Y-Cash can be found under “Manage Account” and will be listed next to “Party Rewards Balance.”

How can I redeem my Y-Cash?

When you place a future order, your Y-Cash balance will show as a payment method option at checkout.

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