Presenter Frequently Asked Questions

As with many new ventures, you probably have many questions that you want answered. I have complied a list of frequently asked questions about becoming a Younique Presenter to help you make a decision. If there’s a question you want an answer to, please let me know by adding a post below. I will try to answer all the questions you may have about becoming a Younique Presenter.


Frequently Asked Questions about Younique

What do the requirements mean in the commission table?

Commission Requirements   Younique Commission

Status, “Recognized” vs “Paid As”

Your recognized status is represented by the larger status badge located next to your name on this royalties summary page. It can also be termed your highest achieved status. Paid-as status can fluctuate month-to-month and is based on the qualification criteria being met in that individual month.

Personal Retail Sales

Your Personal Retail Sales (PRS) refers to the sum of the retail value of all commissionable products that you sold in the month in question.

Company Wholesale Sales

Your Company is your entire downline including yourself, regardless of their status. Wholesale refers to the 75% residual amount of the commissionable products sold after 25% Retail Royalties have been paid. Therefore, Company Wholesale Sales refers to 75% of the sum of the retail value of all commissionable products that you and your entire downline sold in the month in question.

Qualified First-Level Presenters

Among those on your immediate “frontline” or first-level, there are qualification requirements for Pink status and above of how many of those need to be considered “qualified”. This refers to them achieving 125 in PRS in the month in question to be considered a “Qualified” First-Level Presenter towards your status requirement.

Circle Wholesale Sales

Your Circle is your downline, excluding any Green status (or higher) and their downlines. Wholesale refers to the 75% residual amount of the commissionable products sold after 25% Retail Royalties have been paid. Therefore, Circle Wholesale Sales refers to 75% of the sum of the retail value of all commissionable products that you and your entire Circle sold in the month in question.

Qualified First-Gen Elites

There are certain requirements for anyone in your company to reach Elite Green status, or above. You reaching Orange, or above, depends on the number of First-Generation Elites in your Company – 1 for Orange, 2 for Purple, and 4 for Black. This refers to these presenters achieving a “Paid-As” status of Green or higher in the month in question to be considered a “Qualified” First-Generation Elite towards your own requirements.

Younique logoHow do I become a Qualified Younique Presenter?

In order to become a qualified presenter of a certain rank, you will need to achieve the minimum requirement of that rank (color). This includes making sure your team will also be successful with some sales. For example, If you make 3,000 in Personal Retail Sales (PRS), you will not earn the level of Pink unless 1 of your team members makes 125 in Personal Retail Sales in the month. The 125 in PRS makes them a Qualified First Level Presenter in the month.

Don’t get this confused with the 125 in Personal Retail Sales requirement that is needed to stay an Active Presenter. It’s 125 in Personal Retail Sales a month of get a qualified rank. It’s 125 in Personal Retail Sales to stay an active Younique Presenter. If your team makes get qualified every month, you won’t have to worry about the active presenter requirement.

How do I stay an Active Presenter?

To stay an Active Presenter, you need to achieve a Personal Retail Sales (PRS) of at least 125 during a rolling 3 month period.  Think of this as a minimum sales target.  You need to sell 6 3d Fiber Lashes every 3 months to stay active.  Here’s another example, on the first day of August your rolling three-month window would consist of June, July, and August—and May’s sales would drop off.

If your account goes inactive, you have 3 months to reactivate with your current Presenter ID and position in your company. After those 3 months, you would need to sign up as a new Presenter account, with a new Presenter ID, and either the same or different Sponsor.

Is there a minimum I need to sell?

When you sign up to become an independent Younique Presenter, you are not contractually committing yourself to a minimum amount you need to sell. Younique has setup the commission structure to encourage you to sell and create a team. By joining my team, I will commit to helping you achieve your goals. If you realize that Younique isn’t for you, simply let your account go inactive. After 6 months of inactivity, your account is deactivated and you will have to sign up again if you decide to rejoin Younique.

Can I join Younique on my own? Why should I join your Younique Team?

Younique requires you to have a sponsor when you join as a presenter. When you join my team, I will send you a welcome email and ask what your interests and goals are. If you want to go it alone, just let me know. If you would like to join an active team where you can get ideas and support, I can do that too. My goal is to empower you to succeed, however you choose to go. We are growing fast and we can’t do it without you.

My goal is to get you to a point where you can lead your own team. I would love for my first level team members to all be Green Level Younique Presenters or higher.  If you are ready to Start A New Opportunity, I am here for you.  Simply Join my team and I’ll help you with the rest.

Join Younique

How much does it cost to join Younique?

The cost to join Younique is the cost of purchasing a Younique Presenters Kit. There are no monthly recurring costs to pay. You will get a lot of great makeup and your own Younique Products website to send your customers to.

How are International Royalties calculated?

If you live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom(UK), Germany, Mexico, or any new country Younique will be in, you want to know how your commission will be paid.  The way in which international royalties are calculated depends on the country in which the order originated, the Presenter’s market, and several other regulations regarding our international markets. You can find additional information regarding these guidelines in the attached International Markets pamphlet.


30 comments on “Presenter Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. anne Reply

    if you let your membership expire from inactivity can you re sign up later if u change ur mind?

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Yes. If your membership has expired, you can sign up as a Presenter again by purchasing another Presenter’s Kit. I would love to have you on my team.


      • Younique Presenter Reply

        Hi Aimee,

        We are sorry to be losing a valuable member. Leaving is easy. Just let your account expire. You will become inactive after 3 months of no activity. You will no longer be a presenter after 6 months.


  2. Younique Presenter Reply

    You have six months to re-activate and keep your status. If you try logging in, it will give you the option to re-activate if you’re still within the six month period.


  3. Leah lee Reply

    Once you are green, what happens if someone in your downline gets orange before you. Do youbstill earn from them as your first generation if theybareva higher status than you?

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Leah lee,

      Yes, you will still get paid. They will become your first generation elites. You’ll get a new level of commission from them and they will help you move up into the higher levels.

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Nicole.

      Yes, you will get commission on everything you sell. If you do not hit the $125 PRS one month, you will not qualify for the additional payouts that go along with your color level (example: circle royalties). You will get paid for you own sales though.

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Jamie,

      Unfortunately, the Presenter’s kit does not count towards your PRS.


  4. Jaime Lin Keney Reply

    If you find a team you feel would be a better fit for you, can you switch sponsors?

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Jaime,

      Unfortunately, the only way to change teams is to let your account expire and sign up under the new person 6 months later.

  5. Danielle Raynor Reply

    If I am inactive and someone orders from me and gets me to the activated point, do I still get commision?

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes, you will get commission if you stay active.

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Jennifer. Monthly Kudos count towards your PRS and you get commission on them. Lori

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Courtney, People can join your team as soon as your website goes active and you get a Presenters Number. The time can vary, but it can be as quick as 15 minutes. Lori

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Mary,

      If your sponsor leaves Younique, you will go up to their sponsor (upline).


    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Soohia, Presenters are paid via 1099. You’ll have to check with Younique Corporate for the current threshold. However, most companies have a threshold of around $500/year.


  6. Tracie hyde Reply

    When someone purchases a new presenter kit as you as a sponsor does that purchase vount toward your PRS

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Tracie, Presenter kits do not count towards your PRS. This is because the kit is already discounted and not eligible to earn commission. However, if your new presenter sell any products, that will count towards your account and you’ll earn commission of their sales.


  7. Andrea Thomas Reply

    To enroll a new presenter… Why can’t I let them enroll through my party link? I sent my customer my party link to shop but she says she wants to join. . so I told her to click join..but my sponser says I did this wrong… To send her my website url, please tell me why is it wrong? And Why we go around not getting commission for bringing someone new in??? That’s a little unfair..I work hard and getting ladies to make that commitment is hard. I should get commission for it. Also other company’s I’ve networked for always give commisiin for newly enrolled!

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Andrea,

      Presenter kits are not eligible for party points because they’re already a great deal in terms of products and it’s their business starting kit. However, they should be able to buy any product through the link.


  8. Krista Brien Reply

    If I purchase the starter kit, and than decide I dont want to sell the product what happens, do I need to send the kit back? Also I do not have a sponsor?

    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Krista,

      If you decide you don’t want to sell the product, you simply do nothing. Your account will go inactive after 3 months and will be removed after 6 months. If you decide you want to sell again after 6 months, you’ll have to buy another presenters kit.


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