Younique to Launch in Mexico on May 5, 2015

Younique Mexico MonumentA long and awaited launch date for our Mexican customers has been set to May 5, 2015. As our closest neighbor to the south, Mexican customers will now be able to enjoy all the Younique products that their friends and family have been about to enjoy in the United States.  We are thrilled that the time is finally here to welcome our close neighbor to the Younique Family.

Younique Mexico will launch in a country that is over two million square kilometers (over 760,000 square miles) in size and over 113,000,000 people in population. Mexico is the 13th largest nation in the world and the fifth largest nation in the Americas. Mexico has a long history and rich culture and we know they will bring this passion to the Younique family.

As a special way to bring Younique Mexico into the Younique family, we have come up with a campaign to celebrate the occasion.

Join the Race to Start campaign!

The Race to Start campaign is a “race” leading up to Younique Presenters being able to sell product into Mexico. Think of the “race” as a “sprint to the starting day!” From March 1, 2015 through May 5, 2015, Presenters in any market can sponsor new Presenters as US Latina Presenters and a new Presenter can join as a US Latina Presenter. Presenters who participate in the campaign receive special incentives only available from March 1 through May 5, 2015. Race to Start is applicable only to open markets, between March 1 and May 5, 2015.

Join Younique

If you have heard about Younique and want to join this amazing opportunity, don’t wait too long.  Our Younique Mexico launch will only happen once.  We want to make sure you get a head start in Mexico and can start building your amazing Younique business.

We want you to enjoy this company like we have.  It’s a fun business to be in.  Where else can you get paid to use makeup and cosmetics?

5 comments on “Younique to Launch in Mexico on May 5, 2015”

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    • Younique Presenter Reply

      Hi Linda,

      Yes, our products are available for purchase in Mexico. Simply order online to get them.

      Also, we will start accepting Presenters in Mexico on October 1st.

  2. candelaria galvan carrizales Reply

    how can I find younique I live in mexico am very interesting to hear all about younique

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