Younique Mascara Voted Best Makeup Gift for 2014

Beverly HillsYounique mascara, also known as Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes, has been voted the best gift in the makeup category by a informal survey conducted in Beverly Hills, near Los Angeles, California.  Residents of Los Angeles, especially in Beverly Hills, are very aware of makeup products because of the Hollywood movie star influence.  They are able to quickly determine if products look fake and are over priced.  Those asked during the survey mentioned that the surprise factor, as well as the price, made this item the top of their gift giving list.  Priced at only $29, Younique mascara will make any woman smile and bat their eyelashes with pride.

Younique Mascara is a new type of mascara that adds over 300% more volume to your eye lashes.  Founded in 2012, Younique has been making history by giving women what they want, longer and fuller eye lashes.  Younique uses a special 3 step formula that they have developed to give you amazing results.  When applied to your eye lashes, the results are nothing less than remarkable.

We ask Ms. Johnson why she voted for Younique.  She said, “It’s crazy how the Younique mascara adds volume to your eyelashes. At first sign, I thought they were real lashes. ”

Mrs. Smith was also quoted saying, “Are you kidding me? Those eye lashes are not real? Those look amazing. You sure fooled me. ”

The reaction was typical from all participants.  Most people did not know there was an alternative to fake eye lashes. After a lifetime of being thought one thing about eye lashes, eyes are opening to an alternative with Younique mascara.  After trying on the Younique mascara, participants did not want to leave without their own package.

3D Fiber Lashes PensNot surprising, eye shadows came in second place. The shear number of choices in colors and textures on the market today makes this product one to have.   However, there was not one brand that significantly beat out the rest.  This is another good choice for a holiday gift. We do recommend you do some research on the colors and textures the person you are giving it to before you buy a set.

In an era where we demand high quality products and great results, it is not surprising that the makeup industry is trying to meet our expectations. Younique has met the challenge and has come out on top during our survey.

If you are looking for a gift for any woman that wears makeup, we highly recommend you give her Younique Mascara. The mascara comes in a nicely made hard case.  Priced at under $30, the product meets the perfect gift range if not too cheap, high quality, it works, and she’ll love it.

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